Aqua Babes

Oh, Monday - how I love thee. Just when the boredom starts to seep in, I went to the local thrift shop with my friend, Stephanie, to dig out some treasure! Alas, maties, I found some really G R E A T things for Summer. From my home, I picked some awesome beachy-chic things to wear in the sand, or in my case - relaxing by my pool :) Check it out I snapped some cute photos of us. Share your thoughts! XOXO - RUBY
Oh, de lunes - cómo te amo. Justo cuando el aburrimiento comienza a filtrarse, fui a la tienda de ahorro local con mi amiga, Stephanie, de desenterrar un tesoro! Alas, Maties, encontré algunas cosas realmente grande para el verano. Desde mi casa, tomé algunas cosas impresionantes con playas-chic para lucir en la arena, o en mi caso - relajándose junto a mi piscina :) Compruébelo usted mismo le solté algunas fotos lindas de nosotros. Comparte tus pensamientos! XOXO


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  2. Thank you for stopping by, your blog is lovely :) Defo. following through GFC!

  3. beautiful pictures! it looks so refreshing. also the top on the top is sensational!