Adventure Diaries: Sequoia, Camp Four

Hello Cuties! Thats my boyfriend and I kissing in that first pic, lol. We are back from a beautiful weekend in the forest. Been a while since I posted, but I'm here to change that. This camping trip was quite exhausting, as well as fun - of course! I got lots of bug bites, scrapes and bruises from all the rough housing. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, so, as a group, we hiked to different spots & slid into some water slides. Most of our trip took place at Kings Canyon, then we drove down to see the Trail of 100 Giants in Sequoia. To anyone reading, let me know of some cool hiking spots! I want to explore more! Hope everyone's Summer is going great & remember to follow me on IG: Rubideux 
Infinite X's & O's 


  1. Wow! I love the pictures of the sequoias. Stunning views and fab pictures :-) I love your webiste, so pretty!

    Love and Luck,