Adventure Diaries: Idyllwild 2014

One last trip to our home away from home! 
This time up the Suicide Rock trail in Idyllwild, Calif. 
I enjoyed this hike more because it was difficult and when we came down the mountain, 
we both felt like we had worked up an appetite. 
Geared out in our Christmas gifts, we were so comfortable - not too hot or cold. 
After the hike we had lunch at La Casita and made 
another last-minute reservation at a nearby cabin equipped with 
a warm fireplace. We left early in the morning, but not after 
eating at our favorite lil spot the Aroma Cafe!
I included some of those pictures in the end. 
Next stop: Big Sur !
The drive up is good bonding time, we listen to The Eagles and - of course - drink coffee. 
Beautiful trees, blue skies.
Beautiful Taquitz in all its wonder. And my beautiful human, James.


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