The Soboba Wilderness Wolf Pack : Our Home

Idyllwild Woman
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It would seem that many
 hikers/ explorers/ rad girls have a favorite
spot to frequent. 
Like the famous camp 4 climbers in Yosemite,
and an up and coming group of climbers in Pine Mountain.
 I first fell in love with Sequoia's Camp 4 in 2008,
but going there now I do not feel part of its 
culture, I don't feel home there.
Nature and adventure is fun for everyone, and I've been camping
since a young age, but not until this year did I feel like I belong 
to a wilderness and that amazing place is
 Idyllwild, California.
Its not as big or popular but its breathtaking and the people there are welcoming.
The beers are cold, the food is hot, and the nature 
(obviously) beautiful.
James and I are excited to know this land so well, because
we cant wait to show people what it has to offer to the explorer in everyone.
We've seen the sites and we want to see them
 many more times to come.
We want to know it well. 

Soboba is a road on the way to the wilderness that is
named after the Soboba tribe whom
occupied the San Jacinto mountains we so often frolic throughout.

We will explore many places but we feel 
attached to these mountains and 
their amazing gifts
of happiness and clarity.

These pictures were taken atop Suicide Rock.
Where are your favorite hikes? I'd like to look them up for my
future travels!
Have an amazing day ya'll! 

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